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Do first things first, this is from Steven Covey's book on priority management. Many individuals find it beneficial to periodically, most do it weekly, sit down and write out their most important personal and business priorities. Covey says "put the big rocks in first". A simple form, developed in Acrobat, can be used to help you identify your key priorities for the coming period. Using this form on a regular basis, you'll likely be more successful if you limit the number of personal or business priorities.

The first step is to reflect on what's on the horizon and identify the high priority activities. There seems to be something magic about writing them down. Accomplish this on a consistent basis and you'll find yourself staying more focused on the things that really matter most.

The second step is to place the completed form in a conspicuous place where you will see it daily. Some put it on their mirror at home and look at it while they get dressed. Others place it on their desk at the office. The key is to refer to your list frequently.

Life has a way of keeping us busy, but busy doesn't always get us what we really want. Time management helps us get things done, but the tasks may not be the right ones to help us reach what we really want. Try using this priority management form for six months and see if it doesn't help you get more of what you consider to be important.

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