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Why do some teams out perform others? Is it leadership, commitment, strategic plan, vision, natural behaviors of the team members? It's probably all of these. When team members really understand each other they can often figure out how to best use each others natural strengths.
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Companies, like individuals, have natural behaviors; they have personalities. At the base of a company's DNA is the leadership team and then come the management team and then the associates. A company can be naturally aggressive or social or cautious or systems and processes driven.

Company DNA Program
The Company DNA program consists first of creating an up to date, comprehensive, organizational chart showing each manager and their direct reports. Once completed, the organizational chart is used to identify how deep and how wide to assess the operating units and the individuals therein.

Once the individuals are identified they are asked to complete a web-based behavioral assessment, usually requires approximately 20 minutes to complete. The results are reviewed by behavioral consultants for validity and reliability.

Once all of the individuals have been assessed the consultant then begins the grouping process based on the initial organizational chart. From the groupings a small group behavioral pattern can be developed. The small group reports are rolled up into departments, divisions and the entire company.

A written report is prepared and presented as a part of an oral executive briefing. It is beneficial to clearly describe the a company's DNA as it can then be strategically leveraged or modified. Additionally, if is extremely useful at the operating unit level, particularly for those that are very successful or struggling.

Companies, like individuals, have their own unique DNA. Understanding the natural "wiring" of a company is critical to implementing any kind of strategic plan.


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