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Managing for Excellence Program - Have you been to CEO school? How did you learn how to recruit and select, train, market, manage and motivate your associates and support staff? Do you lead, manage and train others pretty much the same way you were led, managed and trained as you were coming up? What if there was a way you could achieve better results and get more out of life for you? If you aspire to "raise the bar" within your organization then you will want to evaluate the suitability of the Managing For Excellence Program for your organization. Tell me more....

Company "DNA" Program - Did you know that companies have behavioral profiles just like individuals? You could call it the company's "DNA". It starts with the senior leadership and extends throughout the organization. We all know about individual behavioral profiling, but most of us think the process can only be applied to individuals, not teams, departments and companies. Understanding how each sub-group within the company is wired and then connecting it with the others allows us to build a profile of the entire company. Before organizational change can be successfully initiated you must know your company's DNA and this program gives it to you at the individual level, the staff support level, the sales associate level and the leadership and management levels. Tell me more....

Teaming For Success Program - Working together as a team is clearly one of the leading trends in business. However, most teams never reach their potential, why? Sometimes its the way the players are wired, other times it's the lack of leadership, focus, roles or mission. There is a way to build a winning team, one that succeeds, and one that has fun and one that maximizes the talents of the team members. This program helps teams to get the right players in the right roles with the right level of commitment and mutual respect, all focused on the right business strategies. Tell me more....

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