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Recruiting & Selecting Winners
Managing & Motivating Winners
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Did you go to CEO school? How did you learn to recruit and select, train, market, manage and motivate associates? Most of us have learned what we know from doing it and after all, experience is the best teacher. Combine your experience with fail safe processes and systems and the training to implement them in your company and you have the best possible solution. This is exactly what is accomplished with the management training workshops.

Recruiting & Selecting Winners - A 2 day workshop that introduces participants to a complete 4 step process for recruiting and selecting individuals who are well suited to successfully perform in the target position. Management all begins during the recruit and select process and being successful at it is the secret of building successful companies. To see a detailed outline of the course click Tell me more ...

Managing & Motivating Winners - A 2 day workshop that begins with a successful hire. Participants are introduced to the keys to motivation and the use of multiple strategies of planning, training, leading, coaching and managing. Participants are given the tools to create a "performance based" management system built around key performance indicators. Under development

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