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The Managing For Excellence Program is a comprehensive, integrated approach to helping owners get better results and more of what they want. The program is only available to owners or primary stockholders. The program consists of the following:

Exploratory Visit
The first step is to spend a day in my office in Orlando where we will take a 30,000 feet view of you and your company. You will have significant pre-visit preparation to complete, including a behavioral assessment, and we will spend the day together discussing you and your organization. The purpose of the exploratory visit is to allow each of us to get comfortable with one another and to make sure that we can be effective together if we choose to go forward. There are no commitments either way. You will gain significant insights into yourself and how you match your job and you will have a richer view of your company as a result of investing the day together.

Organizational Assessment
The next step is to conduct an in depth assessment of your company. This includes looking at all aspects of your operation, financials, structure, behaviors of key personnel, training, existing systems, experience, attitudes, market, services, etc. The organizational assessment is primarily focused on people as they are the most important asset of any service organization. Upon the completion of the assessment, I will schedule a day long meeting to review the results, including a written report. The report will include what’s right with your company and what needs to get fixed. Based on this research I will present a detailed strategic plan to move the company to the next level and to get you more of what you want.

Organizational Development
The assessment provides the information to develop the implementation blueprint. The next step is to “just do it!” I have found from experience that knowing what to do and doing it are very different. In this phase of our relationship I serve as a project manager to help you implement the plan. There are 5 key activities that are used to make it happen.

1) Owner/CEO Program – Key to any organizational change is the leader. I will work with you on a monthly basis, full day shirtsleeve sessions, to help you prioritize and focus on the high payback activities and to work the plan. We alternate meeting places between your office and mine.
2) Key Employee Program – It is always beneficial to involve senior management in the implementation of the plan. At least quarterly, as a part of my office visit, senior management will be included in our sessions. These will function as mini-management retreats and will help identify issues and opportunities on which we need to focus.
3) Training Program – Focused training in the areas of recruiting & selecting and managing & motivating will be scheduled for your leadership team. These 2 day training workshops will be scheduled and held off-site. Additionally, focused associate training, both technical and non-technical, will be scheduled as needed.
4) Systems For Success – If an organization is to perpetuate, it must have and use systems to achieve and support excellence. Various systems, including behavioral assessments, key performance management, market information and pipeline tracking programs, will be introduced to your company.
5) Annual Planning Retreat – Toward the end of your fiscal or calendar year I will attend and participate in your off-site planning retreat. The outputs from the planning retreat will be the 3 year plan and 1 year plan for the company. Also, each of the key participants will leave with their own individual and someday, 3 year and 1 year business and personal goals.

If you are an owner or majority stockholder of your company and are interested in exploring how we might work together to raise your company’s performance bar and get you more of what you want, I am willing to schedule a complimentary, 1 day exploratory visit with you at my Orlando office. No obligations, simply kick back, unzip and look at you and your company together. It just might be the best thing you do for your company and yourself. Contact me to get started.

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