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It has been said that only 7% of all businessmen in the US have written goals. In commercial real estate it's probably less than 7% that have written goals, much less a written business plan.

Each individual is responsible for their own success in business. How can you be a success if you have no vision, no primary focus, no major business and personal goals that are important to take the time to write them down? This master template is designed for the commercial real estate associate to use as a foundation for their annual business plan.

The personal business plan kit consists of 2 parts. Part 1 is the general form and conisits of:

  1. vision statement
  2. annual financial goal
  3. primary area of responsibility
  4. pipeline review
  5. monthy activity plan
  6. major business goals
  7. major personal development and training goal
  8. major personal goals

Part 2 is the detailed goal planning form and consists of:

  1. start date
  2. target completion date
  3. date achieved
  4. goal
  5. benefits
  6. possible obstacles
  7. possible solutions
  8. action steps
  9. methods of tracking progress

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