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Decision Matrix
Many factors influence a final decision, particularly in commercial real estate. Some factors are financial (qualitative), while others are non-financial (qualitative), also know as subjective factors. Experience shows us that it is not always the lowest cost option that is selected. More often than not the final decision is based on a combination of considerations, financial being only one of them. The Decision Matrix program provides a methodology to quantify subjective considerations. Tell me more ...

Manage Pro
If you are looking for software to execute
a wide range of management responsibilities;
from strategic initiatives, to projects and operational tasks, to corporate and individual performance, then consider the capabilities of ManagePro. This program is a goal-based software that uses a "set goals - work the plan - track results" central format to tie together its extensive performance and project management, strategic management, portfolio management, document management, management by objective, and goal setting functionality. Customized for commercial real estate, this program is targeted at the medium to large user who is interested in a performance based management system. ManagePro(tm) and MProWeb(tm), multi-purpose management desktop and browser-based software solutions, help resolve the challenge of maintaining focus, follow-through and priority across a team or enterprise. Both programs combine project, performance and goal management tools and scorecards into one place for effective planning and execution. Tell me more..


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