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The Teaming For Success Program is an intensive one day workshop designed specifically for small teams. The program consists of the following:

Behavioral Assessments
The first step is for each team member to complete a short, 20 minutes, behavioral assessment which can be taken over the Internet. The results of the assessment will be validated as a part of the one day workshop. Individual profiles will be compared with each other to identify similarities and differences of team members. Also, the composite behavioral profile of the entire team will be developed and reviewed.

Team Assessment
Comprised of 38 questions, the team assessment evaluates your team against the "Five Dysfunctions of a Team" based on Patrick Lencioni's best seller. The assessment can be taken over the Internet. Upon completion, you will receive a detailed report of your team's strengths and weaknesses, as well as specific recommendations for overcoming potential team dysfunction.

A shared vision is critical to a team's success. During this part of the program the team will develop a written shared vision for the coming 12 months.

Three to five major goals will be identified that support the vision. Each of these goals will be specific, measurable and achievable in the next 12 months.

During this part of the program the team members will identify the key understandings needed to be successful together. One specific understanding that will be discussed is compensation.

This part of the program consists of discussing the key outcomes expected from each team member. These outcomes will be specific and measurable so that progress can be monitored.

This part of the program focuses on basic job descriptions. What is each team member's role in achieving the vision and goals?

Someone has to play the role of the team leader. In this phase the team identifies the team leader and establishes specific leadership tasks.

The team will discuss the primary activities to be accomplished and will develop high level tasks, flow diagrams for their successful completion. This exercise is optional as it is too granular for some teams.

The team will establish a formal and informal structure for communicating among team members. A specific schedule of inter-office progress meetings, social outings and out of the office retreats will be developed.

The "Teaming for Success" program can make a huge difference in determining your team's success. Creating an environment in which each team member achieves more than they can alone, receives and gives mutual respect to fellow team members and has fun while working together are the outcomes of the program.

To discuss the Teaming for Success program and schedule a date contact Ralph Spencer

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Some teams find it useful to use the "team operating agreement" to be more successful.

A 2 hour workshop is also available on "The Five Dysfunctions of Commercial Real Estate Teams."