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Financial Literacy
Lease vs. Own
Lease vs. Lease
Advanced Target Marketing
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Technical training focuses on the numbers and more technical aspects of the business. Through a series of workshops the commercial practitioner will gain a high level of technical competence.

Financial Literacy - A review of the essentials - A 1/2 day workshop designed to bring you up to speed on completing commercial and investment financial analysis. Includes using both the Hewlett Packard 10BII financial calculator and Microsoft Excel to solve financial problems. Tell me more...

Lease versus Own - Selecting the best option - A 1/2 day workshop that teaches the skills needed to select between buying or leasing a commercial property. This workshop provides the tools for you to deliver consultative advice to users seeking to select the best choice between buying or leasing.

Lease versus Lease - Best practices in tenant representation - A 1/2 day workshop that focuses on the tenant representation process and comparative lease analysis. This workshop is designed for the veteran tenant representative to help them move their practice toward consultative selling and differentiate themselves from the competition.

Sub-lease - The mechanics behind successful sub-leasing - A 1/2 day workshop that addresses a common occurrence in the business, the sub-lease. Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, it is essential that you understand the numbers of sub-leasing. Become a better negotiator by learning how to establish negotiating ranges that make sense.

Sale-Leaseback - Perspectives and Analysis - A 1/2 day workshop that addresses the basics of sale-leaseback from both the user and investor's perspectives. Understanding the financial and non-financial analysis helps you recognize how and when to use this valuable, advanced financial strategy.

Advanced Target Marketing - 375 Prospecting - A 1/2 day workshop that teaches target marketing for leasing or selling commercial properties. How would like to create a list of 300 prospects and have a very high confidence that the ultimate occupant is one of them. That's exactly what you will learn in this workshop. Using current information and DVD resources, you will leave with the advanced skills to develop a target list for user properties and be able to put these skills to work the next day.

CCIM Courses - Ralph Spencer is a senior instructor with the CCIM Institute. He was recently recognized for his 25 years as an instructor. In 1988 he was recognized as the National CCIM Instructor of the Year. He has also received the "Victor L. Lyon Award", the highest award given to an instructor by the Institute. Today Ralph teaches CCIM Intro, 103, 104.

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