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Most training today is ineffective and generally a waste of time and money because it was designed with few if any real performance based learning objectives. Both time and money are too valuable to waste by listening to an "expert" tell you how to do things. Learning occurs when the participant actually does things, when you are actively involved, not when you're just a spectator.

Our approach to training design and development effectively uses both the classic ISD (instructional systems design) approach and the newer Accelerated Learning techniques to build active learning experiences that are fun, involve participants, develop skills and improve performance.

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Significant projects have been completed for the CCIM Institute (CCIM), The Society of Industrial and Office Realtors (SIOR) and many of the national commercial real estate companies. Recently, Bersin Associates and Brandon Hall recognized one of the courses in which we played a significant role in the design, development and delivery as one of the best "blended learning programs" in America.

To get a copy of "The Road to Successful Training", a graphical white paper on using performance based training to get results click here.

To get a copy of "Our Greatest Challenge", a white paper prepared for the commercial real estate industry click here.

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